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Overview - About Carrying

A overview of the content we have for you on the subject of babycarrying. From ancient history until today.

Carry glossary
You can find all important terms and tying methods around babywearing in the carry glossary.
The right length
You can easily find the correct size for your favorite tying methods with the help of our sling calculator.
Babywearing meetings in your area.
Check out events on the subject "carrying" in your area.
Binding instructions as an app for your smartphone
We offer you step-by-step instructions for several binding methods with our free app "CarryMe".

Frequently asked questions about baby wearing

Answers how to use a baby wrap
For what may I use a baby wrap? Which problems may occur?
Answers how to dress a baby in a wrap
Here, you get answers to your question how to dress a baby inside a baby wrap during the different seasons.

Other things about carrying

Are you still shoving or carrying already?
"Are you still shoving or carrying already"-Video - a few reasons to change your mind. Always carry kids in the ergonomical spread-squat-position. This position supports the correct development of your baby`s spine and hip.
About carrying
Carrying inside a sling creates an intense mother-child attachment.
The spread-squat-position
Carry kids in the ergonomical spread-squat-position always. This position supports the correct development of your baby`s spine and hip.
The human being - a "parent clinger"
Behavioral biologist Bernhard Hassenstein explains the term "parent clinger" as a mammal, which is absolutely helpless after birth, but clings to its mother instinctively due to the hand and leg grab-reflexes.
History of babywearing
History of babywearing is as old as humanity itself.
Mother-child bonding
Carrying a baby establishes the mother-child-bonding and offers also dads to include themselves into this intensive bonding.
Wearing is healthy
It is important to support your child while carrying and lying on its back to guarantee the healthy development of your baby`s back and hip.