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Fidella® Onbuhimo

if you want to show off your bellybutton

The Fidella® Onbuhimo is the practical solution for brief excursions. Perfect for children who can walk or during pregnancy, as it has no hip belt.

This baby carrier is designed exclusively to be worn on the back, and is as quick and easy to put on as a backpack.

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The Fidella® Onbuhimo - baby carrier for the back

The Fidella® Onbuhimo is your practical companion for short periods of use or during pregnancy, when your stomach needs to be free. The backpack is designed especially for walking children who are already curious about discovering the world with their parents, but prefer to recover on mom's or dad's back, to regain their strength, in between their globetrotting activities. Ideally, the back carrier offers all pregnant mothers a belly-free way to carry their toddler. Very easy to put on, thanks to the "backpack principle" - child in the carrier, on the back, tighten shoulder straps, done!

The ergonomic design of the Fidella® Fusion adjusts to you and adapts perfectly to your growing child. Our Fidella® Onbuhimo is a faithful companion for all your adventures, throughout the world. The padded shoulder straps offer the highest possible comfort. Originally from Asia, the carrying aid enables ergonomic carrying on the back.

All our baby carriers have an integrated hood. You can also use it as a headrest for your baby, if he or she is not yet able to hold their head up independently. The hood is also used to protect your baby from wind and weather, or simply to give your baby the necessary rest while sleeping.

At a glance

  • practical companion for short distances
  • Ideal for toddlers from running age or during pregnancy
  • Convenient for travelling- small and handy for takeaways
  • An ergonomic carrying position: at the back
  • Extremely comfortable to wear due to adjustable, padded shoulder straps
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Datailaufnahme: Onbuhimo
Datailaufnahme: Onbuhimo
Datailaufnahme: Onbuhimo

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