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For all babywearing parents or those who appreciate 100% of natural materials while wearing and during the sleep of their child!

Does your child sleep anxiously or even not at all in its bed, basinett or its cradle? Or does your child suffer from colics? Do you therefore carry your child mainly in a wrap or a baby carrier to settle down generally a little bit? Does your child wake up again after falling asleep in the wrap if you lay it down in its bed because of the missing movement?

We maybe deliver to you an alternative to cradle, basinett, cot or 24-hour babywearing!

The NONOMO®  Baby Hammock

Our NONOMO®  Baby Hammock -Premium- made of 100% cotton with a matching mattress filled with 100% of sheep's wool, weighs your child also beyond your wrap or the baby carrier as softly as to mummies bosom into sleep. Due to its circular surface and the gentle swing movements our NONOMO®  imitates the carrying in a wrap or baby carrier.

The high side walls of the NONOMO®  prevent your child against overstimulation. Thereby it experiences an emotion of security and nearness like in the womb. It feels safe and protected. This eases to fall asleep faster or to sleep for a longer period of time. Your child often does not even wake up while passing it from the wrap or baby carrier into our NONOMO®  Baby Hammock.

Circular laying position in the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock

Thanks to the circular laying position the weight of your child spreads out on the whole spine and thus relieves the sensitive vertebras. So, the natural development of the spine is supported. While wearing in a wrap guarantees the ergonomical spread-squat-position, the legs of your child fall apart automatically while lying in the NONOMO®. This supports the healthy hip maturation of your child. The drain of gases is made easier by the gentle movement of the hammock. The intestine is stimulated by the movement. So, gases can be transported lighter and more quickly. The problems of your child can decrease noticeably.

With the help of the ceiling fixture, wall fixture, the suitable stand or the NONOMO®  Door Clamp you can hang up our NONOMO®  Baby Hammock wherever you like, e.g. in the bedroom, the kitchen, the sitting room, in the garden, at your friend`s or relatives home or even on holiday. Thus, you are flexible at any time like with a wrap or baby carrier and your child must not get used to a new sleeping situation.

100% natural materials

Like all our products our NONOMO®  Baby Hammock is made of 100% natural materials like untreated cotton and sheep's wool. All used materials are neither impregnated nor treated with chemicals. Germs and bacteria cannot find fertile soils for increasing because of the the sufficient ventilation of the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock.

the perfect ecological companion

Our NONOMO®  Baby Hammock is beside our Fidella®  baby wraps and baby carriers the perfect ecological companion for you and your child, from birth up to pre-school age. Even if the baby hammock is not used as a sleeping place any more, your child can relax in it easily from everyday life in the kindergarten or from the play with friends while rocking softly.

Scope of supply of the baby hammock:

  • Bag
  • Baby hammock made of 100 % organic cotton, unbleached
  • Mattress filled with sheep wool
  • Special spring for the NONOMO® Baby Hammock made in Germany
  • Spring cover made of cloth
  • Lockable ring, removable for washing
  • Wooden staff made of American walnut tree with cords for locking
  • 1 meter chain for easy settlement og height
  • Small bag for chain
  • Rotating swivel for burden sharing
  • Convenient snap hook for fast ceiling fixture
  • Secure eye screw 8 mm
  • 1x ceiling fixture set: You only need a second ceiling fixture set if you want to hang the hammock in different rooms of your house, e.g. living room, bedroom, kitchen)

Unfortunately we do not ship this product to USA or Canada

Safety instructions for NONOMO® Baby Hammock -premium-

  • Never use the spring without the safety rope. Make sure that the safety rope is connected to the spring safety hook above and below the spring and that the safety rope is not blocked at all.
  • Never expose the NONOMO®Baby Hammock to open fire or direct heat, e.g. furnaces, heaters etc.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.
  • Hang up the baby hammock approx. 30 cm above the floor.
  • The NONOMO® Baby Hammock is suitable for infants and toddlers with a weight of 0-15 kg.
  • Keep components out of children's reach; they can cause choking hazard. Before assembly, check parts for their proper condition.
  • Do not continue using NONOMO®Baby Hammock after noticing damage or irregularity!
  • A hammock is neither a toy nor a gymnastic apparatus!
  • Never leave children unattended near the NONOMO®Baby Hammock especially when a baby is laying inside!
  • The spring can cause some mechanical noises, if circumstances like temperature or humidity change. Those noises are completely harmless according to the safety of the spring.

Assembly instructions

Colour: Natural color
Loadability: 0-15 kg
Fabric: 100% cotton
Care instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees Sheep Wool Mattress: only dry cleaning
Length of spring (stretched): 47 cm
Length of spring (unstretched): 26 cm
Stuffing mattress: 100% Sheep`s wool
Lying surface: 85 cm x 30 cm
Size of wooden stick: 49 cm x 5 cm x 1,5 cm
Shipping weight: 2,33 Kg


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