NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock

The NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock - premium - made of 100 % organic cotton with corresponding sheep`s wool matress is prefectly made for all babywearing fans and need-oriented parents who attach importance to the use of natural materials while babywearing and sleeping. Our NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock lulls your baby to sleep as soflty as at moms bosom. The movements remind the little ones of their time in womb. So, they feel safe and secure.

Even parents of crybabies can calm down while their child is sleeping in the baby hammock. The NONOMOŽ is recommended by midwives and therapists, eg. for babies with the KiSS syndrom or while suffering from colics.

The NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock is available in two different sizes and two qualities. You can choose between conventional cotton or certified organic cotton. We offer a mattress filled with 100 % sheep`s wool or the vegan alternitve.

The NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock for newborns is suitable for children aged up to 2,5 years, the NONOMOŽ XL for toddlers even up to elementary school age. It can be used as a piece of furniture to relax for older children.

You can hang up the NONOMOŽ Baby Hammock wherever you like: in the living-room, bedroom, office, beside your dining table or even in the garden. You can get the required fixtures like wall bracket, ceiling fixture, stand or door clamp in our internet shop so that you are even able to take your baby on a trip.