No way? No way!

It's true! All of my "I'm-already-a-mother" friends and acquaintances were actually right when it came to their well-meant "You can't imagine what it's really like to have a baby" talk.

Now I have a baby. And yes: I couldn't imagine what that meant. For better or for worse. In a rapture of happiness and love on the one hand, and living in zombieland on the other. And I was always a zombie the first few months.

My hairdresser once called the rings around my eyes "mocca cups". Exactly what a milk-stained, dog-tired woman wants to hear. The baby was sooo cute. And smelled sooo yummy. And had sooo much colic. The fact that just a few weeks prior I had been struggling with tying a sling at all: a thing of the past! I fine-tuned my style and was able to bind the screaming little bugger to my chest in a matter of seconds. But that was not nearly all. I also perfected the concept of 'carrying' for myself within a very short time.

Carrier or sling? Both!

And yes, I even swaddle, but only at night. During the day I change the carrying sys-tems according to my mood - and circumstance. Sometimes I find it simply more cuddly to wear my little bundle of joy in the cloth, all in all it feels more and more comfortable, somehow "ultra-secure". I like to use the actual sling for outdoor activi-ties or when I don't need a jacket that has to fit over the straps.

All in all, however, it's a real emotional decision. Somehow the course of the day tells me which system "fits" better at the moment. By the way: I'm self-employed and have to sit at the computer a lot. No problem with a sleeping baby in a sling.

The other day this combination even felt so good that I had a real "working mom" moment and proudly took a selfie with the caption "No way? No way!" and posted it.

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