New design: Fidella Music Vibes -biscuit- 29.03.2017 20:00

NEW: Fidella Design - Music Vibes -biscuit- Release March 29th, 2017

Put on your head phones and turn the music on!
We invite you to the party of your life. Follow the melody, feel how it makes you swing to the music. Music should be everywhere! Piano keys, clefs, beatboxes and notes are arranged in a playful and haphazard way. Creamy white and blue create an harmonic color symphony. This is for all rising popstars!

The fabric is made of 100 % organic cotton, with a surface weight of 220 g/m▓.

Fidella Music Vibes -biscuit- is now available as:

  • Baby wrap
  • Ring-Sling
  • Fly Tai - Mei Tai carrier (Baby Size, New Size & Toddler Size)
  • Fusion - Full Buckle carrier (Baby Size & Toddler Size)
  • Onbuhimo V2 - Back carrier
  • Suck Pad for baby carriers
  • Sling Bag
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