NEW: Fidella Fusion 2.0 TODDLER 15.11.2017 14:00

NEW: Fidella Fusion 2.0 TODDLER - Release November 15th, 2017

Fidella Fusion Toddler 2.0 ľ comfortably wear your toddlers of up to a maximum weight of 30 kg!

We are very proud to present you the new Fidella Fusion 2.0 for toddlers. You may carry your child for a longer period to strengthen the bonding between you both. And the very best is: wearing a toddler is much more comfortable and safer now.

New features in Fidella`s best quality

The Fusion 2.0 Toddler Size is perfect for children from the 3rd month up to an age of approximately 3 Ż years and to a maximum weight of 30 kg. The padded waist belt is closed with a safety buckle with locking function for additional security. Also the belts of the waist belt can be fastened on both halves. The notably thicker padding of the shoulder straps ensures a pleasant and comfortable feeling while carrying a toddler.

Overview of the new features:

  • tested up to 30 kg maximum weight
  • safety buckle with fastening function
  • waist belt can be tightened on both halves
  • wider belts
  • super thick padded shoulder straps
Look at products Fidella Fusion 2.0 TODDLER BANNER

The new Fidella Fusion 2.0 TODDLER carrier is available in the following designs:

  • Persian Paisley -jungle-
  • Outer Space -blue-
  • Iced Butterfly -smoke-
  • Kaleidoscope -ocean teal-
  • Lines -grey stone-
  • Lines -blue stone-
  • Paperclips -vintage vibes-
  • Persian Paisley -desert night-
  • Feather Rain -scuba blue-
  • Cubic Lines -pale grey-
  • Medley -serenity blue-
  • Blossom -ocean blue-
  • Amors Love Arrows -grape-
  • Hugs and Kisses -blue heaven-
  • Unicorn Tale -pink rose-

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