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New Fidella babywrap in the Rock n Rolla design 08.02.2016 20:00

Rock n Rolla pink splash Fidella.Our rocking Fidella design  comes in a completely new variation of colors -pink splash- for our rocking ladies.

But it doesn’t matter if it’s for men or women - Everyone can rock our rocking Fidella wrap. You fall in love with the sound and dance with your little one. Can you feel the rhythm already?

The pattern on this babywrap shows the classic elements of rock which include guitarsplectrums and the legendary metal-fingers “Mano cornuta”.

Available as Babywrap, Ring-Sling, Fly Tai, Fly Tai Babysize, Fusion und Onbuhimo.

Look at it now


I was wondering if all the Rock and Rolla colours will be made into baby size fly tais as I am really interested in purchasing either the blue or silver in this pattern in the new baby size. Thank you.

Talyea, 2016-03-03 07:14:08

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