New design: Fidella Triangle Pattern -seafoam- 15.03.2017 20:00

NEW: Fidella Design - Triangle Pattern -seafoam- Release March 15th, 2017

This is a small session of geometry!
Little triangles in creamy white on a mintgreen background follow one another. They remind us of white crests on a clear blue ocean and make us spend a perfect day at the beach. Maths can be so gorgeous!

The fabric is made of 100 % organic cotton, with a surface weight of 226 g/m▓.

Fidella Triangle Pattern -seafoam- is now available as:

  • Baby wrap
  • Ring-Sling
  • Fly Tai - Mei Tai carrier (Baby Size, New Size & Toddler Size)
  • Fusion - Full Buckle carrier (Baby Size & Toddler Size)
  • Onbuhimo V2 - Back carrier
  • Suck Pad for baby carriers
  • Sling Bag
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