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Babywearing is not only practiced since the first existence of human being, but it has helped families to survive and exist throughout time.

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Maternity leave" is a modern term, as even just a few decades ago, the concept of daycare and moms leaving the house to go to work, was not the norm. Work around the house as well as errands outside were accomplished while the mom was carrying her smallest children.

So what is the definition of a working mom anyway? Nowadays moms are not only doing the work at home, juggling household chores, driving their children around, cooking, and the list goes on - but on top of all of these unpaid jobs, many moms are going to work outside. Basically working 2 jobs.

Today I'm going to share my story with you, how babywearing helps me as a working mom, and how my work helps other moms.

As a mom of 3 children with the age of 8 Months to 6 Years, I spent over 5 years at home, slowly building my side business while caring for my family. With my husband being an engineer who used to work shifts and study, it was a big help to try to stick to an organized schedule. I would dedicate specific times of my week to fulfil certain tasks and focus on the importance of what needs to be done by me, and where I could get help. With small children around, everything takes double or triple the time. I sometimes felt like I'm drowning in the load of seemingly endless to-do-lists and it took me years to get to the point of breathing in and convincing myself that it's okay to take time, to work at a slower pace, which allowed me to maintain tranquility in my home.

Do you know the feeling of chaos and nothing going well if your mood is not okay? To shift the focus more towards your own personal well-being, is a good start to a more peaceful home.

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Lana in the 'Home Office' while her children swim
Lana in the "Home Office" while her children swim

I started to babywear my first born daughter when she was about 3 weeks old and fell in love with it. The freedom I gained while satisfying her need to be close to me was amazing. I opened a handmade body care products business when my daughter was less than a year old and I stopped counting how many times I carried her on my back, falling asleep to the sound of the mixer while whipping Shea butter. With my second daughter born, I slowed down my work for a year. Having 2 children is a whole different story. The age gap between them being less than 24 months, was a hard challenge. The girls spent many hours snuggled up in a wrap or carrier and I was glad when I managed to accomplish the daily household chores. Carrying them definitely has helped me a lot.

During this time I realized that I want to teach moms. I want to share the blessing of babywearing with as many moms as possible. I signed up to do professional training to become a babywearing consultant and fulfilled my dream a year later.

Today, I have accomplished to start the journey to become a Babywearing Consultant, Pregnancy Support Wrapping Consultant, Doula and Childbirth Educator. I manage to go to work, thanks to the help of our amazing Nanny who cares for my son at home. I taught her how to babywear and she makes sure my son is not missing out on hugs and cuddles, while I am away to help other moms

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