Mother-child bonding

Mother wearing her child in a Fidella baby wrap

The social and mental development

Human beings are social mammals who need the contact to others to live a happy and successful life. Children depend on the body contact to other persons, primarily mom and dad, to develop themselves sound in mind and body. While wearing the baby it is in direct contact to its caregiver and by that, able to feel his/her body heat, heartbeat and the feeling of security.

This kind of congenital social behavior can be watched perfectly in the dealings with newborns. If a newborn is laid down and left alone by the caregiver the baby reacts to this kind of behavior with screaming and crying to get the careful attention. This typical behavior is caused by neuronic impulses produced by the feeling of fear and threat. If the newborn is lifted up and carried again the screaming and crying dies away. The baby feels safe and secure again. It can observe from its upper position the surrounding safely.


Mother-child bonding

The bonding between parents and children is established much faster and much more intense while carrying a baby. Particularly baby wearing dads get the chance to get a deep bonding to their child. Besides, parents report again and again that they are able to consider their baby much better due to the carrying and the close bonding to the child. They know intuitively at which moment the baby wakes up, at which moment it wants to be fed and when it is the right time to change the nappy. This knowledge strengthens the binding between parents and child and supports the parental feeling of being competent.