Making of Bohemian Collection

Textile baby carriers are not just functional objects. You wear them on your body, usually over a longer period of time. They are therefore also a piece of clothing that should be integrated into your daily outfit. So who doesn't want to feel good in their outfit and look good at the same time?

With a range of different collections in different designs, FidellaŽ meets this fashion challenge - sometimes following current trends, sometimes timelessly classic.

"Developing a collection is always exciting and challenging. The thrill is almost tangible. It's simply beautiful to see how such a fabric develops - from the initial idea to the finished product." It is a self-contained process that includes everything that Tina Schweizer loves about her job. The Product Manager at FidellaŽ has a variety of daily tasks. However, she is in her element in product development as a studied fashion designer.

Wearing your child has a lot to do with intuition, freedom and self-determination. These are qualities and values that are particularly true of many parents today.


While otherwise schedules, supply chains and webshop topics have to be managed, the creation of a collection is about an idea. "The inspiration for the theme comes largely from our customers," says Tina. "Carrying one's child has a lot to do with intuition, freedom and self-determination. These are qualities and values that are particularly true of many parents today. The same values that shaped the bohemian life of the sixties." The theme sets the standard for the natural simple style and the production of the cloth. Many components and techniques flow into the production process: Yarn selection, thickness, density, weave, colours. Contemporary, sustainably produced from certified organic cotton.

searching for a suitable color

The team spirit

The quality standard of the collection is not only reflected in the choice of materials, but also in all levels of the creation process. Due to the special attention to detail, the whole team was even more deeply involved in the development than usual. For Tina, this has made the individual steps and connections even more transparent. "One knows all participants personally and everybody works hand-in-hand on the fine-tuning. There are real people behind it who take responsibility for the creation of such a valuable product. Each individual in this chain is important and is valued accordingly."


Just like when it comes to clothes, baby carriers can sometimes be something special. A special look, a special quality, a special statement.

"How can we do justice to our customers both in terms of fashion and at the same time offer them something exclusive and special?" was the guiding question for Tina. The idea for the Collectors Choice was born, a series of limited special collections using fabrics that are beyond standard. In combination with timeless designs that give the material the room it deserves, they provide elegance and luxurious comfort. Each edition should have its own focus.

all components of the Fidella Collectors Choice at one glance

The package also includes a special wrapping and a hip backpack bag - the FidellaŽ DayBag. The end result is something that reflects the attention to detail in many respects. The fabric has a significantly higher weight per unit area, feels good and pleasant to the touch. The designs in olive rosé and caramel brown look modern and elegant - and yet you can feel the freedom and wildness of the late 60s in them. A successful first Collectors Choice for Tina. She happily signs the enclosed certificates of the Limited Edition personally.

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lifestyle picture of the Collecteors Choice in Beheme style
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