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What could be better than enjoying time with your new baby? Rediscovering the world, you and your little one? Gaining new experiences together? Sharing - with your family and friends? In our magazine, we want to inspire you with stories and ideas from people who inspire us and show us all facets of family life.

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1 Comment | 29.01.2016

Babywearing with Down syndrome

An important topic that doesn’t involve many of us: Carrying a child with Down syndrome. As parents are we allowed to carry our baby? "There are a lot of uncertainties in this world, [...]


Summer wrapping - Tips and tricks

Even in summer you don't have to miss carrying your baby despite the warmth.
Here are a few tips and tricks on what you can do in the heat.


Tandem babywearing

Being flexible with twins or two kids? No Problem! To care for two toddlers at the same time isn't that easy - but the tandem wearing can simplify the life of parents with two kids/twins!


Slings with hemp- rugged fibers with a lot of talents

Hemp is particularly one thing- it’s a tough natural-fiber.
But there are not only sails, tents and ropes are made of hemp- there are more and more slings that can be embellished with the name of “hemp”.