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What could be better than enjoying time with your new baby? Rediscovering the world, you and your little one? Gaining new experiences together? Sharing - with your family and friends? In our magazine, we want to inspire you with stories and ideas from people who inspire us and show us all facets of family life.


27.02.2019 09:48

Around the world - Rebecca's FlowClick review

On the next stop of her journey our FlowClick was put through its paces again and could convince!

22.01.2019 11:11

Around the world - Audra's FlowClick review

Our FlowClick travels around the world. Our testers can try out our new basic baby carrier in detail.

18.12.2018 15:49

Christmas stress - relaxed through the holidays

We have asked you: What’s stressing you about Christmas? And what strategies do you have to handle this?

11.12.2018 15:44

Christmas Gifts - Time instead of Stuff

Our expert for breastfeeding and baby carrying, Anna Recklies, mother of three, has collected your views and strategies.

06.11.2018 11:20

Fidella® FlowClick - From the perspective of a carrying consultant

Stefanie Rebou from the carrying consultation Nesthäkchen in Dortmund, Germany has taken a closer look at our new FlowClick.

26.10.2018 12:00

Making of Bohemian Collection

Textile baby carriers are not just functional objects. You wear them on your body, usually over a longer period of time. They are therefore also a piece of clothing that should be integrated into [...]

23.10.2018 13:09

Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #2

Read here what Alisa, our second product tester, has to say about Wombat's carrying jackets.

18.10.2018 10:30

Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #1

In the course of a product test 2 lucky people were allowed to test the Wombat carrying jackets. Read here what Nicolas feedback is.

06.09.2018 18:00

Which toddler carrier is right for me and my child?

It’s no secret that even big kids still enjoy closeness with mom and dad in a carrier. No matter whether it's over several hours, or only in between. Wearing the big ones is still just as beautiful! [...]

05.09.2018 18:00

That's why we support toddler-wearing

"Your child is much too spoiled!" "Can she/he even walk?" "You're going to break your back!" These are just a few preconceived ideas that probably everyone who carries their toddler [...]