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What could be better than enjoying time with your new baby? Rediscovering the world, you and your little one? Gaining new experiences together? Sharing - with your family and friends? In our magazine, we want to inspire you with stories and ideas from people who inspire us and show us all facets of family life.

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Family, Travel & Adventure

Meet Bruno, Claudia and their daugther Lexi and take part of their travels - Babywearing is the key to adventures 


Travel diary - Zillertal

Flo, our @papa_hoch_drei, on vacation with his family. Find out, what the five of them experience on their trips here in our travel diary


Hanna Hansen, Kickboxing World Champion

Hanna Hansen 5-time German Kickboxing Champion & World Champion Hello, my name is Hanna Hansen, I am 35 years old, mother of 2, Djane and world champion in kickboxing. Sport [...]


Fit through the everyday life

Kangatraining Make appointment - For me that goes hand in hand My name is Thérèse and I am a happy mother of a wonderful daughter and an freelance Kanga Trainer. Every [...]


Anne the Mawiba trainer

Instagram-Account @mawib_anne View now I'm Anne, Mama and I am a Mawiba trainer since 4 months. I started dancing ballet in Thuringia at the age of 6, later I started [...]


Mrs. Babywearing 24/7

Babywearing is not only practiced since the first existence of human being, but it has helped families to survive and exist throughout time.


Travel diary - We are "Familie hoch³"

Flo, our @papa_hoch_drei, is on tour with his family. What the five of them experience on their trips, you can read in the next weeks here in our travel diary!


Travel diary - Lake Garda

In the last stop of her journey Janine and her family are going to Lake Garda in Italy


Breastfeeding in public

The motto of this year's World Breastfeeding Week is "Empowering parents for breastfeeding"