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#lookingback - interview with parents

In a little interview we asked our colleagues Sergkei and Jenny how their lifes have changed by becoming a parent.


With the birth of a child the lifes of the newly parents are being turned upside down. Everyday life changes and priorities shift. You founded your own little family.

In a little interview we asked our colleagues Sergkei and Jenny how their lifes have changed by becoming a parent.

FidellaŽ: Sergkei, in a few weeks time you will become a dad. What do you expect from parenthood?

Sergkei: I am really looking forward making a family full of love and happiness. I am eager to create lots of loving, funny and special moments with my son.

I imagine the relationship between my soon-to-be wife and me to become even more bonded and stronger.

I know of course that there is going to be a great lack of sleep and lots of worries, but this was already expected before the decision to become a parent. I have already learned so much stuff about babies that I had no idea before and surely there are a lot more coming on the way.

FidellaŽ: What are you looking forward to particularly?

Sergkei: The most that I am looking forward to is just to hold my son in my arms.

FidellaŽ: Do you have any fears or worries?

Sergkei: One of the fears I have is not being a good role model. Something that I could do and not notice that it can affect him negatively.

Another is of course to manage it all. The fear of having time for every important step he is making in his life.

FidellaŽ: Jenny, your children already visit primary school. How would you describe everyday life with your children?

Jenny: It starts, like everywhere else, with getting up in the mornings. Every morning, latest six o´clock, my daughter wakes me. After eleven hours of sleep she has to do a lot of catching up in talking. An hour later my son gets up. He is, more like his mum, not big on words for the first hour after getting up.

Then it ist he same every day: reminding the kids around 10 times to get washed, brush their teeth etc. Then we go seperate ways for the rest oft the day.

For a bedtime routine we read a book together in my bed before they get to sleep in their own beds. When they are asleep I get to enjoy some me-time.

FidellaŽ: How did motherhood change you?

Jenny: Priorities have changed. Completely. I don´t put myself first anymore.

Whereas when I was without children, I put my needs first. Now I try to accommodate everyones needs at the the same time. Which is a struggle at times but totally worth it.

Sleep has become so precious, also I learned 1001 ways how to prepare a sandwich in the wrong way and cause a tantrum by doing so. But I love to see how the little ones develop into strong characters and personalities.

FidellaŽ: Do you miss the times when you didn´t have children?

Jenny: Sometimes I do, but world full of children is more funn and colourful. And one day I will be able to have a lie in again.

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