We lift the anchors and set sail

I love the sea! Hardly any dream vacation passes - our evening sleep ritual - without me telling you about the sea. The sound of the waves. Colorful shells on the beach. Naked feet in the sand.

A while back, my daughter, who turned 27 months old yesterday, said: "Mom, I love the sea too!" Drooling! When my heart stopped bouncing with joy, I realized two things. On the one hand, that Yoke - even though we have already been to the sea a few times - has inherited her love of the sea as she has told me with shining eyes.

This shows how easily these small creatures can be influenced and once again the importance of confronting this fact with a lot of love and mindfulness. Abstaining from saying things such as "I hate the mountains", even if this should be the case. Rather, to be a safe haven from which our children can weigh anchor and set sail. To be able to experience their adventures, find their loves and preferences - whether for the sea, the mountains or both - without ever losing their orientation. With Mom and Dad as a sextant at her back, the wide sky above her head.

This picture of a safe haven and sailing away at the same time reminds me of a book by Cambra Maria Skadé: "Deep-rooted flying". The book tells of our roots, of what makes us who we are and of the wings that carry us out into the air. Is there anything more exciting than watching our children grow these wings?

On the other hand, this sentence also reminded me of the enormous enthusiasm with which our mini-humans approach every single day over and over again. The great joy we can give them, not only by letting them sail, i.e. enjoy, but also by consciously seeking and giving experiences together.

It is summer. I want to go to the sea. And best of all, my child, I would like to lift the anchor with you and Daddy immediately. Set sail. Towards the sun. All of us togeth-er, as a big colourful family ship. And, you know what? You're welcome to take the helm, too. You kind of did that a long time ago. You with your "I can do it on my own" and "I want to go to the Seaaaaa. Right now Let's drive, shall we?"

Our journey began more than two years ago. I'm curious to see where it will lead us.

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