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Interview - carrying toddlers

Karen Unger is a passionate Carrying Consultant and answers some questions about carrying toddlers.

Interview with Karen Unger

Karen Unger

Karen Unger is a passionate Carrying Consultant in the Ruhr area. She was trained by the "Trageschule Hamburg" and trained at FTZB (Fortbildungs-& Trainingszentrum Babytragen) in Mainz. Since then she has been a competent partner to families.

Dear Karen, As part of our "back to (pre-)school" weeks, we have a few questions for you as a Carrying Consultant:

Why should children be carried even at an early age when they are actually full of the joy of movement and the urge to discover?

Karen: Because even bigger children get tired and I do not have to carry a bulky buggy.

Which carrier do you prefer for toddlers?

Karen: I love the FidellaŽ Onbuhimo V2 back carrier. Quick to put on and fits in your handbag.

Which carrying variants of the baby wrap do you recommend for bigger clinging children?

Karen: Even big children can be carried in a "simple backpack", but the "double hammock" is usually more comfortable.

How about Seat Poppers?

Karen: Quick-to-bind 😉, usually it's just a phase. Sometimes you have to switch to a baby carrier. It is important to wrap the sling properly. You may have to change the binding method.

What else needs to be taken into account when carrying toddlers?

Karen: Change to another carrier size. The toddler is put on and taken off more often because it wants to walk.

Do you have a special carrying experience you would like to share with us?

Karen: There are a lot of beautiful carrying moments in my life. The last one was on our summer holiday when my 2.5-year-old wanted to fall asleep in the sling after a strenuous day. She hasn't fallen asleep in a sling or carrier for more than a year. For us, that was once again very cuddly and beautiful.

Thank you for your answers, Karen.

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