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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - The Ring Sling (tilted variation)

  • Age: from birth
  • Sling size: 180 - 220 cm

A Ring Sling is an all-rounder without knots which can be used right from birth for babies or for toddlers as well. A Ring Sling can be used for front-, back- or hip carrying techniques.

+ A Ring Sling can be pre-tied. It is easily usable for all babies. The ring sling can be tightened easily due to the two sewn-in rings made of aluminum.
- One-shoulder carrying techniques put weight only on one shoulder and are only an additional carrying method.

Ring Sling
Level: Easy
Usable: From birth

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Schritt 1

Step 1

Position the rings from your backside over your shoulder.

Schritt 2

Step 2

Hold the top of the fabric with your hand.

Schritt 3

Step 3

Grasp the bottom edge of the fabric with the other hand and bring it to the top. Let the top edge fall down. Your sling tips over.

Schritt 4

Step 4

Form a strand and pull it carefully through both rings.

Schritt 5

Step 5

Separate the two rings and thread the strand 1. through the top one and then through the bottom one.

Schritt 6

Step 6

Arrange your sling carefully through the rings.

Schritt 7

Step 7

Bring your baby into play.

Schritt 8

Step 8

Let your baby slide over your shoulder into the pouch, feet first. Correct the positioning of the rings.

Schritt 9

Step 9

Fan out the fabric of the pouch across the baby’s back right up to its ears.

Schritt 10

Step 10

Bring your baby into the spread-squat-positon by pulling the rest of the fabric between its legs.

Schritt 11

Step 11

Start tightening the sling strand by strand, starting on the inner edge.

Schritt 12

Step 12

Grab a few times into the middle of the fabric and work your way to the outside of the bottom edge.

Schritt 13

Step 13

Put your baby into a squat position inside the pouch by pushing its legs gently upwards.

Schritt 14

Step 14

The slings end can be turned optionally into a neck support.

Schritt 15

Step 15

Tuck the top edge once into the folded end of the sling.

Schritt 16 - Das Absetzen

Step 16

Loosen the sling by releasing the top ring moving it upwards.

Schritt 17

Step 17

Lift your baby out of the Ring Sling or let it slide forward on the hip.

Fidella wishes you: Happy Babywearing!

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