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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Simple Backpack with a pouch

  • Age: from birth
  • Sling size: from size 3 - 320 cm

The Simple Backpack is a back carry technique which can be used for babies right from birth.

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Simple Backpack with a pouch as a clip:

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Der erste Schritt

Step 1

Spread your sling on a stable, level surface (e.g. changing table, desk or floor) and position your baby in the center of it. Pull the top edge up to the top of your baby's ears. The lower sling edge covers the knees. The excess material should be between bum and knees or like a diaper pulled up to the belly button.

Der zweite Schritt

Step 2

Bagging (for younger babies): Gather the two cloth sides starting from bottom to breasts height of your baby. You hold one sling strand in each hand now.

Der dritte Schritt

Step 3

Now take both sling strands in a hand on one side.

Der vierte Schritt

Step 4

Tighten both strands.

Der fünfte Schritt

Step 5

Put both strands on one side.

Der seschste Schritt

Step 6

Sit in front of your baby and position it carefully on your back. The baby`s head should lay on your arm with the free hand. Just lift your baby over your shoulder, feet first.

Der siebte Schritt

Step 7

Bring both sling ends forward over your shoulders and “rappel” the baby down.

Der achte Schritt

Step 8

Bend a little bit over and secure the baby with your free arm under its buttocks. You should stay in this horizontal stance until you have finished tying the sling. If you are less proficient, you should use a chair or bed with the assistance of a second person to practice.

Der neunte Schritt

Step 9

Before you take the hand from under the bum of your baby, make sure that the fabric strands keep it safe. Pass a strand over your head. Then tighten the sling edges, lying on your shoulders, strand by strand. Pay special attention to the bottom sling side (bum edge) and make sure that it does not slip.

Der zenhte Schritt

Step 10

When everything is tightened up, gimp the strands.

Der elfte Schritt

Step 11

Lead a strand to your back. Cover up your baby's knee with a strand and support his bum with your hand.
Lead the second strand under your armpit to the back, across the knee of your baby. Both hands should meet under the bum of your baby.

Der zwölfte Schritt

Step 12

Lead the strands back forward under your armpits and under your baby’s legs. This way you secure the bottom edge of the sling.

Der dreizehnte Schritt

Step 13

Tie both ends of the sling in front of your belly with a double or flat knot.

Der vierzehnte Schritt

Step 14

Correct your baby’s sit by pushing its thighs and gently upwards. The knees musst be higher than the bum (spread-squat position). If the fabric slips towards the back, pull it back under the knees by hopping lightly up and down while you fix the fabric under the sling cross tightly.

Der fünfzehnte Schritt

Step 15

The sling is tied correctly if you don`t have the feeling that you have to balance your baby’s weight by bending over. If your baby is older, it may take the arms out of the sling. Pay attention: The pouch must reach up to the armpits of your baby to provide stability.

Der sechzehnte Schritt - Das Absetzen

Step 16

The removing:

Untie the knot and bend a little bit over.

Der siebzehnte Schritt

Step 17

Let your baby slide down gently over your hip.

Step 18

This is what the Simple Backpack looks like from behind.

Fidella® wishes: Happy Babywearing!

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