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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Short Front Double Hammock

  • Age: from sitting age
  • Sling size: from size 4 - 370 cm

Jazz up this front carrying technique with a lovely finish. The Sling Ring on your back is THE eye-catcher. The strands of the baby wrap offer a special highlight by showing off both sides of your favourite design to its advantage.
+ This technique can be pre-tied easily due to the aluminium rings.
- This wrapping technique doesn`t need a leg pass. It isn`t usable for stretching kids, because the pouch cannot be fixed with a knot under the child`s bottom.

Size: Base Size -2 (Size 4)
Accessories: Sling Ring (Size L)
Level: Easy
Usable: From sitting age

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Step 1

Find the midpoint of your Fidella® baby wrap and thread it through a large Sling Ring.

Step 2

Position the wrap with the ring like a scarf on neck height.

Step 3

Pull the ring downwards up to shoulder blade height.

Step 4

Grab one strand and bring it diagonally to your back.

Step 5

Thread it through the ring.

Step 6

Take the second strand and bring it crosswise to your back.

Step 7

Thread it through the ring as well.

Step 8

Pay attention: The fabric may not be twisted.

Step 9

Position your baby on the strands while letting its legs slip through them.

Step 10

Create the strap by pushing the fabric between the legs of your child (spread-squat-position).

Step 11

Fan out the strands alternately (beginning inside) diagonally across the back.

Step 12

Tighten both strands one by one through the ring.

Step 13

That`s the Short Front Double Hammock`s front view ...

Step 14

… and from the side.

Fidella® wishes: Happy Babywearing!

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