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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Ruck with a Ring Sling

  • Age: from birth
  • Sling size: 180 - 220 cm

This back carrying wrapping technique shows how flexible you are with a Fidella Ring Sling. Because a Ring Sling also cuts quite a dash on your back! Once pre-tied you will be surprised of the comfort you have with a Ring Sling rucksack!
+ The fabric can be tightened easily due to the aluminium made rings. You and your baby should be an advanced baby wearing team, because you need skill to tighten the fabric of the extremely short piece of fabric. Already one-layer binding techniques are usable for newborns.
- You have to be an advanced baby wearing person to use this binding technique.

Size: Ring Sling (+ 2 meters)
Level: Advanced
Usable: From birth

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Step 1

Place your child onto your knee. Prepare the sling: There musst be a short side (to the ring) and a long side (to the slope).

Step 2

Create a pouch around your child. Hold the upper edge close to your body.

Step 3

Create the strap by pushing the fabric between the knees of your baby (spread-squat-position).

Step 4

Support your baby on your forearm. Its legs face outwards.

Step 5

Bring your baby over your shoulder onto your back.

Step 6

Lean slightly forward.

Step 7

Bring the one strand on the other side of your head.

Step 8

Hold both strands under tension while doing this.

Step 9

Very important is the inner edge which has to run along the head of your child.

Step 10

You can fix the ring with your chin….

Step 11

….or hold it with one hand while tightening the fabric strand by strand. Do this in an upright position.

Step 12

Bring the tightened strand over your shoulder to your back.

Step 13

The strand runs across both legs of your child.

Step 14

Grab through both rings.

Step 15

Pull the fabric totally through both rings.

Step 16

Separate the rings with one hand.

Step 17

Thread the rest of the fabric through the lower ring. Tighten the fabric again if needed.

Fidella® wishes: Happy Babywearing!

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