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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Lexi Twist Finish

  • Age: from walking age
  • Sling size: from size 6 - 460cm

The Lexi Twist is a lovely finish with strands twisted vertically across your chest.

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Lexi Twist Finish as a clip:

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Schritt 1

Step 1

First, tie your favorite back carrying technique, for example the Simple Rucksack or the Double Hammock.

Schritt 2

Step 2

Hold both strands under tension and secure one strand between your knees.

Schritt 3

Step 3

Fan out the other strand...

Schritt 4

Step 4

and lay it diagonaly across your chest toward the opposite shoulder strand.

Schritt 5

Step 5

Lead the string above the shoulder strand and push it from the outside behind the shoulder strand across the chest strand.

Schritt 6

Step 6

Do the same with the other strand.

Schritt 7

Step 7

Take both strands in front of your chest and twist them together to a cord.

Schritt 8

Step 8

Bring both strands of fabric underneath your chest onto your back again and...

Schritt 9

Step 9

... tie them securely under your baby’s bum.

Schritt 10

Step 10

Fan out the shoulder strands on your shoulders. This makes the tying method more comfortable and distributes the weight perfectly.

FidellaŽ wishes you: Happy Babywearing!

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