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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Cross Carry

  • Age: from the 3rd month
  • Sling size: from size 5 - 420 cm

This carrying method (also called X-Carry) can be pre-tied, so that the baby can be easily put in and lifted out.

The spread-squat-position is guaranteed as well. This is especially helpful for babies with hip dysplasia.

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Cross Carry as a clip:

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Schritt 1

Step 1

Gather the fabric in the middle ...

Schritt 2

Step 2

... and hold it in front of your breasts.

Schritt 3

Step 3

Place the cloth over your shoulders so that it forms a V on your back. One side of the cloth should be about 30 cm longer than the other one.

Schritt 4

Step 4

Cross the cloth ends in front of your chest and make sure that the strands are not twisted in any way.

Schritt 5

Step 5

Pull the longer end of the sling ...

Schritt 6

Step 6

... by the V on your back.

Schritt 7

Step 7

Reach for the other, shorter end ...

Schritt 8

Step 8

... and tie both with a flat knot togehter on your hip.

Schritt 9

Step 9

Pull both sides of the sling down in front of your body, so that both are of equal length and push the knot onto your back. Push the sling cross in the direction of your navel.

Schritt 10

Step 10

Put your baby gently over one shoulder and hold it with one arm firmly Ssafety lock). Slide your baby’s leg through the inner strand of the sling cross.

Schritt 11

Step 11

Position your baby on the other shoulder and push the second leg through the outer strand of the crossed sling.

Schritt 12

Step 12

Now, your baby is sitting in the correct spread-squat position on the sling cross. The cloth strands are beneath its knees.

Schritt 13

Step 13

Then, pull the inner sling strand over the bum...

Schritt 14

Step 14

... and over the back of your baby, from one knee to the other one. Always secure your baby.

Schritt 15

Step 15

Do the same with the other strand of the sling.

Schritt 16

Step 16

Your baby should always be sitting on head-kiss-height.

Schritt 17

Step 17

If needed, fan out the strands over your baby’s head for a better support.

Schritt 18

Step 18

Adjust your baby's seating by grabbing its upper legs and pushing them upwards. The hollows of the knees are now higher then the bum (position 'M').

Schritt 19

Step 19

You can take its arms outside the pouch if your baby is able to control its body unassisted. Make sure, that the sling ends support the baby's body sufficiently.

Schritt 20

Step 20

This is how the Simple Cross Carry looks like from behind.

Fidella wishes you: Happy Babywearing!

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