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Wrapping instructions for baby wraps and carriers

Instructions, tips and tricks all about how to wrap a baby sling. Instructions for back carry, front carry and hip carry as well.

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Information about the - Coolest Hip Cross Carry with a Slipknot

  • Age: from sitting age
  • Sling size: from size 4 - 370 cm

A different hip carrying technique which offers security to wrapping beginners due to the wrap cross. This technique is the perfect alternative to a Ring Sling - primarily for self-stretching children. Depending on the surface weight of the wrap, you can close this technique with a slip knot or a flat knot.
+ This technique can be pre-tied. The slip knot offers flexibility while breastfeeding.
- One-sided tying techniques are not suitable for long walks because they overstrain just one shoulder.

Size: Base Size -2 (Size 4)
Level: Easy
Usable: From sitting age

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Step 1

Place the midpoint of the wrap on your hip and bring it over your shoulder (off-center).

Step 2

Grab behind your back underneath the strand hanging from your shoulder.

Step 3

Bring the other strand under it...

Step 4

… and around your hip …

Step 5

… and then, back to your front.

Step 6

Start with the slip knot while wrapping the longer strand once around the shorter one - bottom-up.

Step 7

After this, bring the longer strand down again …

Step 8

... underneath the hanging one.

Step 9

A loop is created. Grab through the loop.

Step 10

Pull the fabric through the loop.

Step 11

Shape the appearing cross on your hip.

Step 12

Push the fabric with both hands downwards.

Step 13

Place your child onto the cross - each leg onto one side of it.

Step 14

Alternately, fan out the fabric across the back of your baby, from the bottom up to the neck.

FidellaŽ wishes: Happy Babywearing!

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