Hot Town, Summer in the City

In our first year as babies, we practically spent the summer sleeping.

Which somehow wasn't bad, after all, the summer of 2016 was quite flooded. "Non-sense," my husband says. "Sooo often it certainly hasn't rained!" Oh, yes. After all I had to shop for two pairs of rain shoes during my time spent nursing and carrying, spitting and going for a walk.

Because yes: It was wet, the summer. But the second baby summer was even hot-ter. It's just silly that my little mouse always gets up at eleven thirty at night - there's no better time in winter! - into wonderland. We listened longingly with wide open win-dows to the typical sounds of warm summer evenings. Enviously we listened to the laughter and chatter of "the others". Until we finally plucked up the necessary cour-age: "We're unpacking the baby carrier again!" And go for a walk. Eat ice cream. Breathing freely. The baby can happily go back to sleep. Or simply enjoy the sum-mer with us.

Actually we had already banished the baby carrier due to growing baby pounds, but strapped it on again for our daring plan. Although, we're not entirely correct. I finally had enough of my refreshing cold drink.

Do I have to mention that this became OUR SUMMER? As a child of the 70s one may also quote old Joe Cocker.

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