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History of Babywearing

The history of baby wearing is as old as humanity itself as the people still lived together in hordes and tribes and were always out to find food and a new secure storage space , the only option was to safely transport the children from A to B , to wear t

History of Babywearing

History of babywearing is as old as the human being. In former times when people lived together in tribes and hordes they were always on the move to search for food and new save campgrounds. The only way to take the kids along was to carry them. The youngest kids were carried on mother’s hip, the older ones sat on the shoulders of their fathers. Just the same way mammals transported their offsprings for thousands of years.

At the time of 8000 b.c. human beings began to settle down. Now, carrying children was used during the work on the fields or herding the cettle.

Even today there are still a lot of cultures in which wearing babies and toddlers is common. Here, stroller didn`t gain acceptance.

Babywearing in Europe

The development in Europe was different: Approximately 200 years ago, kids were worn as well but most of the time it was usual for the lower class. The relation between kids and parents in upper classes was more distanced. Babies were nursed by wet nurses and raised by nannies. People of the upper class prefered the up-coming strollers and made them popular. Queen Victoria made the stroller socially acceptable in the United Kingdom.

So, babywearing faded into the background.

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