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Get one - give one support with us the project Carry The Future

carry the future - refugee donation

A matter that is touching a lot of people nowadays is the current situation of refugees. Especially as a mother one can imagine how it feels for people with toddlers being on such a trip of escape. Particularly due to the long trip and after partly traumatic experiences, it is even more important for a family and child to be close to each other.

How can you help in this situation?

There are different projects that focus on that aspect now. To facilitate families and children being close, people donate baby carriers to support the refugees.

One project, that collects baby carriers around the globe as donations for refugees, is the “Carry The Future” project. A volunteer group of 50 people from all around the world is working for the same goal. Originated from the wish of a mom in California to support refugee families walking through Europe. Starting with an Indiegogo campaign, the project immediately went viral. The team flies the donated baby carriers to Greece in person for giving, explaining and adapting them to the refugees that will then accompany them on their way through Europe.


A boy carrying his sister in a fidella baby carrier
"These two boys are carrying their little sister in a donated Fidella carrier. Unfortunately we do not know their name and nobody knows why they are travelling alone or where their parents are. Since I received this image, I remember them every night and hope that they are safe." (Angela Koszewa, CEO)

Now it’s your turn!

Fidella has already supported this project with some donated baby carriers, but with so many refugees in need for help, we felt it is not enough yet. Therefore, we now started the following action: For every Fidella Fusion bought in our online store, we will donate another one.

That means, if you buy a Fidella Fusion in our online shop, you can put a “Fidella Fusion - Carry the Future” donation product in your basket for free and we are going to donate  this additional baby carrier for refugees to ”Carry The Future” ! Of course you will get your Fusion directly and the donated baby carriers will be brought to Greece at the end of January.

We are happy about your help!

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