FlowClick Toddler Size

Long awaited - our beginner carrier is also available in toddler size

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A great deal of parents are fans of our FlowClick. They love the compact, simple design. In addition to the original baby version, the FlowClick is now also available in Toddler Size for older children. Less fabric is a deciding factor for most babywearing parents. The shoulder straps are knotted twice under baby's bottom - and that's it. Practical for all those who are sometimes bothered by overly long shoulder straps.

We recommend the baby size up to about clothing size 74. For larger children, you had to switch to another model in the past. That's all water under the bridge now. Just like the FidellaŽ Fly Tai, FlyClick and Fusion, the FlowClick is now available in a small and a large version.

FlowClick Collage

The Toddler Size can be used for dress sizes 74 and up and offers the option of continuously adjusting the back section between 33 and 48 cm. The bar, which should fit from back of knee to back of knee, is also variably adjustable between 24 and 45 cm.

Our entry-level model is available in the eight different plain shades of our Chevron collection. In these cool basic looks, FlowClick is not only popular with moms, but also with our babywearing dads!

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