The FlowClick from the perspective of a carrying consultant #3

Kim is the third carrying consultant who has tested our FlowClick. She is a consultant in Spain and would definitely recommend the Half-Buckle carrier.

Both, my husband and I tried it to see how it adapts to different body sizes. We tested it with our 6-month-old baby, she weighs 7,8 kilos and measures about 68cm. I am about 172cm tall and dress an EU size 44. My husband is about 175cm tall and wears an EU size 38. I tried the front and back carry, although I only tried the back carry inside the house.

FlowClick auf dem Rücken getragen

Perfect for hot weather!

Overall, my impression is positive. It is a very light weighted and fresh carrier, perfect for the hot Spanish weather. It is easy and intuitive to adjust and put on, but while carrying on the back it is a bit harder though, since you can't cross the shoulder straps and, in my case, they kept slipping off my shoulders. Maybe if the straps would have been a bit longer so I could do a Tibetan finish this wouldn't have been a problem.

For my girl I had to shorten the seat and height a little bit, so I think the recommendation of using it up to 74cm is correct.

Simple & effective

The click system on the waist belt is simple, and effective because it prevents the belt from loosening and going down like many customers complained about in case of using a Mei-Tai. With this carrier that problem is resolved.

I think this is a good option for people who are beginners in carrying (my husband who only uses full buckles found it easy, too) and want the quickness and security of a buckle carrier, but with the commodity and possibility to adapt to different sizes of shoulder straps. Overall, I would definitely recommend this carrier to my clients!

Benutzung der FlowClick als Bauchtrage

Kim Vrewen
Carrying consultant from Puente Genil, Cordoba, Spain

News category: Babywearing professionals

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