The FlowClick from the perspective of a carrying consultant #2

Isabel, carrying consultant in Thale, has taken a close look at our FlowClick as part of our product test and shared her experiences with us.

At just 520g, the FidellaŽ FlowClick is a true lightweight among half buckle baby carriers.

The discreet cotton fabric offers the usual cuddle factor and is breathable even at warmer temperatures.

Quick & easy

Just like its sisters, the FidellaŽ Fly Tai and FlyClick, this carrier can be put on quickly thanks to its simple binding and adapts easily to the wearer.

Especially smaller people will be pleased about the 60 cm shorter straps. This means that even people with a smaller body size can bind quickly without stumbling over the long straps or wrapping themselves in them. For very corpulent parents this could become however the challenge.

FlowClick vorne getragen

Great comfort and perfect fit

Also, with the FlowClick the usual adjustment possibilities are not missing. It also has the option of using laces to adjust the bridge, the back panel and the neck area as precisely as possible to the harness. The extra strong padded shoulder straps give a high wearing comfort.

However, when worn over a jacket, the shoulder straps slip back and forth slightly. This is why you should wear this baby carrier under the jacket if possible.

Due to its simple and appealing design it will be preferred by the dads.

A few criticisms

I don't like the way of back carrying with the shorter shoulder straps. I get the straps crossed still under the bottom of the child and knotted in front on my belly. Parents, who are a bit fuller, have to make the final knot under the bottom of the child.

As a beginner with a "beginner model" I find it quite difficult to knot such a double knot on my back in such a way that the child does not slip down again. If this then worked more or less well, it might be an idea to include a chest strap to get some stability back into the back. Due to the generally shorter shoulder straps, it is not possible to tie a finish for this.

Carrying on the hip is not possible with the FlowClick, but it has also become an entry-level model.

My conclusion

As an entry-level model for carrying in front of the stomach, the FlowClick is once again a successful carrier and makes everyday life easier for many parents, siblings and grandparents. I would recommend one of her sisters for the back carry. But as a compromise I would wish for a chest strap.

- translated from German

Benutzung der FlowClick als Bauchtrage beim Hecke stutzen

Isabel Gödicke
Carrying consultant from Thale

News category: Babywearing professionals

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