The FlowClick from the perspective of a carrying consultant #1

Three experienced carrying consultants had the chance to test our FlowClick Half-Buckle carrier. Elena is a carrying consultant in Oldenburg and shares her feedback with us.

Already during my visit to the Kind+Jugend fair I was able to test the Fidella® FlowClick and wanted to take a closer look at it ever since. The still very young carrier closes an important gap in the already wide range of Fidella® products. The FlowClick is a half buckle, a carrier with padded straps for tying and a hip belt with a buckle.

As is typical for Fidella® carriers, the Fidella® FlowClick also has a very soft hip belt. With the carrying dolls and my daughter weighing 13 kilos, I find this very comfortable.

When carrying on my back, I have to wear the hip belt in the tightest position. For slimmer persons, the length of the hip belt is therefore certainly problematic.

Rückentrage FlowClick

Adjustment of bridge and back panel

With the Fidella® FlowClick, the bridge is adjusted by gathering the fabric with two sewn-in straps and fixing it with knots. And although the widest setting is not enough for my daughter (dress size 92), I can wear her very comfortably in the Fidella® FlowClick. At the bottom of the bridge, the fabric is slightly padded on the back, which probably makes my toddler like it in the FlowClick despite the bridge being too narrow.

Especially with small babies I think (almost) nothing is better than a Halfbuckle carrier. With the Fidella® FlowClick I particularly like how soft it is. It doesn't pinch at any point.

Comfort of the FlowClick

I find the light padding of the straps very pleasant. The entire straps are made of the same fabric as the rest of the carrier. The padding is thin and extremely flexible. Just like the hip belt. For my shoulders, the straps of the Fidella® FlowClick should be one to two centimeters narrower, especially for back carrying.

I particularly like the fact that the straps are still quite wide after padding (the 1-2cm would probably be missing here) and can be spread out so nicely for more comfort. The straps are not very long. So they don't have to be wrapped around the body several times unnecessarily, but there is no finish for fixing the straps when wearing them on the back. In addition, I am sure that the straps are not sufficient for parents with large sizes.

Schulterträger an der FlowClick

Optics and details

The Fidella® FlowClick is monochrome and therefore very simple. If I had had the choice, I would have preferred the light blue version I tried on Kind+Jugend. I would also be happy about patterns and more colour. But I also know that many parents often ask for simple designs during a babywearing consultation. The fabric used is organic cotton, which I very much welcome. I find the butterfly embroidered in the hip belt worth mentioning.

Schmetterling am Hüftgurt

Especially with small babies I think (almost) nothing is better than a Halfbuckle carrier. With the Fidella® FlowClick I particularly like how soft it is. It doesn't pinch at any point. The FlowClick conveys a wonderfully light feeling. The straps are also very handy. This makes tying easier and they don't give in even after a while. Of course, you have to put on the carrier correctly at the beginning.

What makes the Fidella® FlowClick special is its small pack size. Due to the very soft padding on the waist belt and straps, the FlowClick can be folded very small and stowed away very well.

I am pleased that Fidella® has included this carrier in its standard range due to feedback from me and other carrying consultants. As mentioned at the beginning, this simple carrier was still missing from the Fidella® range.

Schulterträger an der FlowClick

I was very impressed by the feel and the long service life of this carrier. I am sure that many parents from Oldenburg will be happy with a FlowClick during a carrying consultation.

- translated from German

Elena Schwarzer
Blogger and carrying consultant from Oldenburg |

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