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Around the world - Audra's FlowClick review

Our FlowClick travels around the world. Our testers can try out our new basic baby carrier in detail.

Some time ago we searched for testers for our new FlowClick on Facebook. Audra from New Zealand was our first tester and writes about her experiences.

Generally, I found this carrier quite good. All the pros of other FidellaŽ carriers by having great adjustability of the panel height and width - perfect for having a small newborn and not needing a fiddly, or hot-in-summer, extra insert.

Benefits over the Fly Tai are that the straps are shorter so I can drape them over my shoulder without them dragging on the floor behind me if I have the carrier on but bubs is being held in my arms burping or getting a nappy change. The shorter straps also suit a 'small boned' person like me - I don't need to double-wrap them around my waist or also use a fancy finish to keep tails from tangling my legs or draping on the ground.

Total: Audra carries her baby in the front of the FlowClick. A green landscape in the background.

My experiences with the FlowClick

However, I think this carrier would be best for babies & wearers of average or plus size, worn not under a jacket for long periods of walking. Similar to any MehTai style carrier, I found this style unsuitable if your baby is too small to support self to latch while in carrier, but you simultaneously have a toddler needing assistance /chasing mid-feed... The tails dragged on the ground and got tripped on easily! And because the straps are thinner than Fly Tai, they cannot be spread to 'cap' around your shoulder which, for my body shape, meant the straps would ride up my shoulders towards my neck during long walks (over 45minutes) which was troublesome on cold and wet days when I wore a coat over the carrier and could not easily adjust to strap placement.

Woman playing on the beach with her son. In the FlyClick she carries her young baby in front.

Things to improve

Cons for me are that the waist belt only fits wearers at 77cm at smallest. So for me the waistband is slightly too big when worn high up for my little bubs, thus not weight bearing & all bubs weight is on my shoulders as if an Onbuhimo. And because the shoulders don't 'splay' to cap over shoulder with extra wrap fabric like the Fly Tai and straps must cross in back, means they 'ride up' & I get sore neck/upper-shoulder if I can't constantly pull them back to my outter shoulder (like today on 45min dog walk with jacket on) even with bub only just now 5kg.

Collage of the FlowClick during use. Once while preparing food.
At the airport the baby is carried in front and one hand holds a trolley handle in its hand.
The last detail shows Audra holding a plate of food in her hand and her baby slumbering in the FlowClick at the front.
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