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Fidella® FlowClick - From the perspective of a carrying consultant

Stefanie Rebou from the carrying consultation Nesthäkchen in Dortmund, Germany has taken a closer look at our new FlowClick.

Hooray! News from Fidella®. The company presented the new FlowClick at this year's Kind + Jugend trade fair. Actually, this baby carrier was only intended for retailers. Due to the great response of the carrying consultants, the minimised half-buckle is also made available to consultants. Yippie! Its design is also minimalized. The carrier should only be available in Baby Size and plain colour.

Picture of Steffy wrapping the FlowClick

Click, snap and go. Without tightening and flicking. We very much hope that such easy-to-use products will give even more parents access to babywearing.

Even easier

The idea behind the FlowClick is: The product should be easier to handle than the Fly Tai, which is much more consulting intensive (good - because otherwise we would be carrying consultants almost unemployed, haha). The most serious difference is that the shoulder straps cannot be spread out but lie compactly over the shoulders. The padding of the shoulder straps is not too much and not too little, so they are very cuddly. We like it. In our opinion just right for a Baby Size.

FlowClick shoulder straps

The padding goes approx. to just under the shoulder blades, which of course depends strongly on the physique of the wearer. The residual material can simply be knotted under the baby's bottom without having to tighten it in strips. The total length is 150 cm, so the straps are much shorter and therefore more user-friendly for beginners. We have tested, and the length fits up to dress size 44/46 (the size is 52/56, which is not possible). The cut resembles the Fly Tai, FlyClick and Fusion in Baby Size, i.e. bridge adjustment, back panel adjustment, as well as adjustment to the neck area are adjustable as usual by means of tie straps up to approx. size 80. The headrest has longer straps as with Toddler products.

The waist belt is slightly curved, which should minimize the waves a bit. However, this cannot be avoided on the smallest adjustment. This has never bothered us personally, the padding has never tweaked or wiggled it at any time. The baby carrier has the well-known safety buckle, which can be closed centered. The cute butterfly also deserves a positive mention - it looks good. And the eye also eats as is well known.

details of the FlowClick


The demonstration models are walnut brown in plain Chevron weaving. As usual in organic quality. We wash the good piece and hope that the fibres will fluff up a little, which would make binding even easier for us - and above all for our customers. The somewhat slippery feel is also our only criticism, because otherwise the baby carrier is beautifully soft and extremely comfortable to wear. The labeling has also changed. The disdainful woven ribbon has been replaced by a suede-look label. Nice.

What the FlowClick can do

Above all, you are one with it - fast. And for many parents this is an ingenious advantage. Click, snap and go. Without tightening and flicking. We very much hope that such easy-to-use products will give even more parents access to babywearing. The price of the FlowClick is very attractive and available for the end customer for 109€.

Collage of the FlowClicks with Stefanie as a model


  • from size 56-80
  • Half-Buckle
  • organic quality
  • easy handling
  • attractive price
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