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Fidella FlyPoD baby carrier Masala -mauve-


The Fidella FlyPoD baby carrier Masala - mauve -

The FlyPoD is a baby carrier without any hip belt. Visually, it is based on the traditional Korean Podaegi. However, its functionallity is derived from the classical Turkish kind of wearing your child during working on the fields.

In Turkey in the region Anatolia there is still the practice to carry children with you during work, only wrapped with a simple cloth and a wider band, the 'Dirmac', around the hips.

Our Fidella FlyPoD has spreadable shoulder straps as our favourite Fly Tai. It can be tied variable with great finishing options. The baby carrier fits up with a hood which serves as an additional support for the head or as a sunscreen.

Fidella FlyPoD Podaegi baby carrier
  1. hood / headrest straps
  2. hood / headrest
  3. nooses for hood / headrest
  4. shoulder strap
  5. straps for neck adjustment
  6. back part   (ca. 80 cm x 45 cm)

Special Facts of the Fidella FlyPoD baby carrier:

  • spreadable shoulder straps (like our favourite Fly Tai) for pleasant tying
  • no mainstream
  • easy and quick put off
  • made of sling fabric, without plastic and metal pieces
  • compact, airy, suitable for all diaper bags
  • weight lies more on the coccyx than on the shoulders
  • carry characteristics near to a babywrap

NOTE: We do not ship this product to USA and CANADA at the moment. We appreciate your understanding!

Origins of baby carriers
Product type: Wrap Conversion Podaegi
Collection: Limited Edition
Colour: Purple Brown
Design: Masala
Care instructions: Do not tumble dry Handwash Dry flat
Age of the child: Suitable from birth From 56 cm
Surface weight: Surface weight 205 g/sqm
Loadability: Max. 22 kg
Clothing size caregiver: Body sizes XS to XXL (UK: 6-26 | USA: 4-24)
Length of shoulder straps: Wrap fabric 200 cm | 78 inches
Fabric: 100% cotton (organic)
Wrap fabric: Jacquard weaving -classic-


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