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Meet Bruno, Claudia and their daugther Lexi and take part of their travels - Babywearing is the key to adventures 

Every weekend we try to have at least one day to take a walk and enjoy nature. We did it like that before we were parents and now we try to make a point of educating by showing our daughter this way of life.

One of our last trips was a visit at a dam under construction. When we heard that one of the most beautiful dams of this area of our country was under maintenance, we knew it would be a unique opportunity to see what it would be like to be underwater without actually being under water for real.

Family Time is Quality Time - Babywearing Adventures
Family Time is Quality Time - Babywearing Adventures

When we go hiking we always take our Fidella with us, in rough terrain it is simply essential, because safety is our biggest concern.

We started the hike on flatter ground where our little girl could still walk and stretch her legs. As she is a little restless and active (let's just say a “little”) it is always good to switch between wearing and walking time.

However, when we started climbing down into the dam and the terrain started to get rougher it was time to go on our backs. We think this position is good for her to enjoy nature and the landscape without being in danger.

The inside of a dam is of a singular beauty. It is a mix between lunar landscape and post-apocalyptic scenery. A barren place where nature has razed human work. Down in the center we could still see some water and some of the houses that were submerged and taken back by nature.

Wide sea view
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Halfway back she began to get sleepy. As nap time approaches we put her from the back on our cheast, as it is a sleep-enhancing position, so we don't need to stop walking while she sleeps. She slept on the way back and as soon as we got back to the flatter ground she woke up and we put her back down to run some more.

We cannot always reconcile our wills with our little girl's. Changes in plans almost always occur, but in the end we can always enjoy nature and family time at the very same time

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