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Fidella Diapers & Accessories

What are Fidella diapers?

Fidella offers different diaper products in our well known Fidella designs. The easiest one is the All-In-One diaper (with already sewn in insert) that can be put on as easy as a disposable diaper. After usage it just needs to be washed and dried. At night additional inserts can be used so that you do not need to worry.

Alternatively we have diaper covers that need to be combined with one or two of our different Fidella inserts to create the perfect nappy for your little one!

Features of our diapers:

Fidella diapers come with snaps that will adjust the size individually. This makes them usable from birth on. Our Fidella diaper inserts are available in different materials: in microfiber, bamboo viscose and bamboo viscose charcoal. Also we offer flushable diaper liners.

So you are not only doing something environment friendly, your honey will look great in the Fidella designs as well!