Diaper inserts & diaper liners

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Fidella diaper inserts and diaper liners

There are different types of inserts that can be used with our diaper cover. You can choose between 3-layer, 4-layer and 5-layer bamboo viscose as well as 5-layer bamboo viscose charcoal inserts and 3-layer microfiber inserts.

Inserts made of bamboo viscose keep the wetness inside the fabric and microfiber inserts absorb super-fast. You can even choose and combine different inserts, especially for the nights or a longer ride in the car.

The diaper liners are placed between cloth diaper and baby's bum. If you change the dirty diaper just sweep away the diaper liners in the toilet. The diaper liners are super soft and kind to baby's skin.á Liners sheets should not be wrinkled or stacked numerously, because this can affect the absorbency of the cloth diaper.