Bonus point: collecting butterflies - save money

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UPDATE: Thank you very much for being a loyal fan of Fidella®.

We will say good-bye to our Fidella Butterfly bonus points campaign on September 30th, 2017. But until then, you can still collect the lovely bonus butterflies.

You have the opportunity to collect further bonus points for each order until end of September 2017.
Don't worry: All collected points are still redeemable until September 30th, 2018. You don`t need to hurry!

We're working on other fantastic actions and are looking forward to surprise you in the near future!

Starting August 1st, 2016 you will receive butterflies as bonus points for every purchase in our Fidella online shop. You can redeem your Butterflies 30 days after shipping as a discount coupon for your next order. This way you can already save money from your second order.

Collecting Butterflies and saving money

You receive 5% of the product value (including VAT if applicable) as Butterflies automatically with every order. Special products like demonstration models, shipping costs or fees for payments are not included in the calculation of the Butterflies. You can always see how many Butterflies you will receive for a product on  the respective product details page. OR: The number of butterflies that you will receive for a certain product will always be displayed on the corresponding product details page. No registration needed.

Fidella Bonus points explanation and example

Create a discount coupon and reedem it with your next purchase

One Butterfly is valued at exactly 1,00 Euro.

Once you collected some Butterflies and they are ready to be redeemed as a discount coupon you will see the option to do so  on your personal customer account page and during the order process. Choose the amount of Butterflies you want to redeem and press the “Redeem Butterflies” button. The discount coupon will be shown, sent by email and is effective immediately.

Conditions of participation

The bonus point system  Collecting Butterflies is operated by Fidella - Nonomella GmbH, Bußmannstr. 18, 45896 Gelsenkirchen, Germany (herinafter called Fidella) and is only available under 

Participation in the bonus points system is free and requires no separate application. A legal claim does not exist. The payout or transfer of the bonus points is not possible.

Bonus points

  • Every purchase from  August 1st, 2016 collects bonus points called Butterflies. The purchase needs to be made with EURO as the selected currency and the points will be credited automatically 30 days after shipment. Butterflies are valid for one year and can be redeemed as a discount code for another order.
  • You receive five percent of the product value (including VAT if applicable, rounded mathematically) as Butterflies. Special products like demonstration models are excluded from the bonus points system.
  • On the product page you can see the Butterflies you would receive for the purchase of the product. Your current points and a detailed point history  will be displayed on your personal account page.
  • Cancelations, returns and vouchers will delete the Butterflies received for that purchase. If those points have already been used to create a discount coupon and discount an order, the difference will be invoiced and must be paid within 14 days.


  • Redeeming Butterflies for your next purchase is done by a discount coupon code, which can then be used during the order process. You can redeem bonus points at any time to create a discount coupon.
  • 1 point is equal to 1,00 EUR when redeemed as discount coupon.
  • You can see your current points on your personal account page. By entering the desired amount of bonus points and using the “Redeem Butterflies” button you can redeem points as a discount coupon. The discount coupon is created automatically, shown, sent by email and can be used immediately.
  • Discount coupons are valid for 30 days, account bound and not transferable. A  payout of the discount coupon is not possible. After the period of 30 days the discount coupons and the used points expire automatically without any replacement.
  • If a discount coupon is not redeemed completely the remaining amount expires without replacement.
  • If you revoke an order paid by discount coupon, the amount of credit used for that order will be refunded to your account. You can reuse the discount coupon for your next order.

Final provisions
The bonus points system can be disabled or changed fully or partially at any time. In particular for legal requirements or to prevent abuse. Additionally the conditions of participation can be changed at any time.
State Sepmteber 15th, 2017