Breastfeeding and Baby Carriers


A baby can , with practice , be satisfied in any type of sling always and everywhere. It is important that both mother and child are familiar with the sling. At the beginning of breastfeeding in the sling should be practiced at home a few times.

The fabric of the sling allows it to do so in any discretion and convenience. The fetal position is especially good for breastfeeding in a sling . In general, no matter what position or what method breastfeeding hassle free for both mother and child works , it is the right one.

Regarding breast-feeding , the node of the sling should be relaxed somewhat , so that the child slips deeper. Now it reaches the lateral guided breast and can be applied. All those who want it opaque hundred percent , can take a very thin silk cloth Above and Insert .

For detailed instructions on how breastfeeding in a sling works are mostly in the slings . If not you should contact a babywearing consultant or midwife .

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