Babywearing in winter-keeping your baby close to you 11.12.2013 12:05

Papa mit der Wolljacke mit Babyeinsatz

It is cold outside there are snowflakes falling, the first walks in the winter forest and Christmas market time are beginning. Riding through bumpy ways and getting through crowds is not that comfortably with a bulky stroller, no?

Is it possible to wear the baby during very cold weather?!?! For sure: because also in that case it says:

Winter time is cuddling time!

It is even better to wear you baby next to your body to keep it warm. So you will protect your baby ideally with your body heat against the cold. As well Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Gardemann, who already wrote a recommendation “Wintertipps für Eltern – Babys immer am Körper tragen” for the Red Cross, confirms that.

Wolljacke mit Babyeinsatz In a stroller it is really cold and there your baby can get hypothermia. Traditional societies would never isolate their baby in a stroller confronting frosty weather. That would be careless. Why can’t we do so? In the following you will find some tips for getting your baby winterproof. It does not require a fortune.

In general: Wear your baby near to your body on your chest or on the back. Take it with you under the coat. For that (recycling!) use your old coat from the time of your pregnancy, because when there was enough space for your baby tummy there will be enough space for your baby as well.

A very cheap option: Grab the coat of your partner. Usually it is cut more loosely and so your baby will have space there for some month.

Of course there are also some special babywearing-coats, -waistcoats and ponchos with an extra part (back or front) for your baby that you can buy!

I have awool coat with baby insert that is awesome. Or you can get a simple coat-expansion system, which is quite cheap, to change your coat to a babywearing- coat (just put the part on your own coat). 

Stylische Stulpen in verschiedenen Mustern

Another option is a babywearing-cover. Just put it on your baby and get started! The heat will be isolated that way.

If you now also consider warming and temperature equalizing materials regarding to the clothes of your baby, everything is alright. Included are for example clothes of wool and clothes that are made by 100% natural materials.

Overalls particularly with retractable feet are essential. Usually they are available in shops in the city center.

Important: Never use a thick snowsuit underneath your wrap/carrier because ideally it fits closely to you and compresses the heat isolating cells. The warming effect will be destroyed. It is better to work with the layered principlebecause you and your baby will be totally flexible.

Some baby cuffs, that are slipped over the legs are really practically and trendy because they cover the legs that are hanging out of the wrap/carrier. A) They are not getting cold and b) they are not sliding upwards. Babywearing has style!

Finally I would like to mention the shoes because the baby’s feet must be keep very warm. That is working best with 

Stylische Winterstupen für dein Baby

some shoes consisting of lampskin or so-called babywearing-shoes. Unconsciously most of baby shops have those practical babywearing-shoes;)

And now go outside and enjoy! Nesthäkchen & Fidella wish: Happy babywearing!   

Guest article by Stefanie Rebou fromcarry consulting Nesthäkchen

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