Babywearing is more than just having your hands free

Are you carrying or pushing yet? Most parents have now realized that babywearing is simply practical in everyday life. But do you also know about the less obvious advantages?

Carrying is in fashion. But not just like a fast moving trend, but for good reasons! Because carrying is much more than just having your hands free and an easy means of transport. Of course - in practice carrying is simple and obvious. Hands free when cooking, during a walk with the dog or while shopping. Many moms and also dads even do sports with their child in the carrier or sling. These are very descriptive arguments, which everyone can easily understand – especially active and pragmatic parents.

3 mothers in the kitchen, who have their little ones in baby carriers
A mother walks towards the hotel lobby. A baby on the back of a FlyClick. She pushes a suitcase behind her Grandfather with 3 grandchildren on the beach. A boy is carried on his back in the FlyTai baby carrier. In front is a small child on the arm. The oldest granddaughter is standing nearby

a new trend?

However, carrying babies is not a new trend. The history of carrying is as old as mankind itself. When people still lived together in hordes and tribes and as nomads were always on the move, it was the only way to transport their offspring safely and efficiently. So, evolutionarily speaking, every child wants to be carried and by nature demands this need and satisfies his or her skin hunger.

In many ways, carrying is an investment in the future of our children, physiologically and emotionally. Not only is the sensomotoric nervous system stimulated and carried children develop a pronounced sense of balance at a very early age. The oxytocin release is also enormous and does a lot for mom, dad and the baby. The bond and the basic trust - all this is created and has very lasting effects. These become apparent as soon as the little ones start to discover the world. Only those who know that mom and dad are always there when they are needed have the confidence to break away and become independent. Because when in doubt, they know where their safe haven is.

So it's no wonder that more and more parents want to carry their children out of conviction and with a deeper understanding. Next level babywearing!

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