Baby Wearing connects

Tragen verbindet

Humans are social creatures that survive only by contact with other living beings. Especially supporting pieces are dependent on the joint movement with her parents and to touch. This joint movement and touch occur just when worn.

The child is in close proximity to its caregiver and enjoys the physical contact.

This is confirmed almost all the senses and give your child a feeling of security . If an infant alone on the back and feel that his caregiver is not around , come into his old high anxiety alone , abandoned and thus to be in danger . He begins to cry to draw attention to themselves before the horde moves on and leaves him alone . If it is , however, supported by his parents, so he knows that he is safe and can observe the child calmed down from an elevated place from the body of his caregivers , the environment and the activities around it.

The bond between parent and child is strengthened considerably faster by wearing and especially fathers have the chance to leave the role of spectator . In addition, parents often report that they can assess their child much better by wearing . You intuitively know when their child will wake up when you are hungry or when a diaper change is necessary . This knowledge strengthens the parent-child relationship and promotes parental sense of competence .