80 - 104 cm | Toddler Size

Fidella Fly Tai Mei Tai baby carrier

Our Fly Tai is a soft baby carrier entirely made of wrap fabric. It combines the special features of a wrap with the advantages of a comfort carrier. The Fly Tai supports different types of babywearing techniques: front-, back- and hip carrying.

The Fidella Mei Tai Baby Carrier Toddler Size

What is a Mei Tai Baby Carrier toddler size?

The Fidella Fly Tai toddler size baby carrier is a modified version of the Mei Tai new size baby carrier. This baby carrier can be used from 5 months.

This wrap conversion is not fixed with straps or buckles but with a waist belt and shoulder strings which are fixed with a knot. It is an interstage between a baby wrap and a comfort carrier. The versatile Mei Tai can be used as a back carrier or front carrier likewise.

To be carried in the Fly Tai toddler size your baby should have a body size between 80 cm and 104 cm.

Where does the Mei Tai originate?

The Mei Tai originates from Asia as a wide spread traditional baby carrier. Nowadays this practical baby carrier gains a lot of popularity in the rest of the world as well.

Special features of the Fidella Fly Tai toddler size:

Our Fidella Fly Tai Mei Tai baby carrier is made of 100% soft Jacquard sling fabric, the same fabrics used for our baby wraps. It is especially comfortable because of the loss of accessories made of plastic, metal or Velcro closures. That makes the baby carrier feel as soft as a baby wrap.

The Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier lies soft on your shoulders and gives a comfortable carrying feeling due to the shoulder strings filled with polyester wadding. The stepless adjustable waistbelt and shoulder straps enable that the baby carrier can be adjusted to your clothing size (between XS, 32 and XXL, 52). By this way other family members or friends are able to carry your child without any problems.

The modifiable back panel and the bridge are fixed through easy double knots and your Fly Tai will stay tight to the proportions of your child.