74 - 98 cm | Toddler Size

Fidella Fusion Full Buckle carrier

The Fusion baby carrier is fastened with a simple buckle system at waist belt and shoulder straps. It can be used fast and easy, both for front and back carrying.

Fidella Fusion Toddler Size

What is a Fidella Fusion Toddler Size?

A Fusion is a full-buckle baby carrier which is closed with buckles at hip and shoulders. It can be used as a front or back carrier.

Specials about our Fidella Fusion:

Our Fidella Fusion is a steplessly adjustable carrier made of comfy wrap fabric. The leg openings, hip and shoulder strings are patted with polyester wadding.

The hood of the Fusion toddler size is very usable for everyday life, for example as neck support or sun protection. The Fusion toddler size can be used for babies from 3 month with a size of 74 cm to 98 cm (maximum weight: 15 kg).

For babies, who are able to sit on their own, the shoulder strings will be closed at the upper back part. If your baby is not able to sit yet, the shoulder strings can be attached to the lower back part. This makes the carrier easy to be used for siblings of different ages.