About Carrying

The body contact when worn in a baby carrier or a sling, a unique connection. The child is quiet and parents often know intuitively what their child needs.

Human beings are social mammals who need the contact to others to live a happy and successful life. Children depend on the body contact to other persons, primarily mom and dad, to develop themselves sound in mind and body. While wearing the baby it is in direct contact to its caregiver and by that, able to feel his/her body heat, heartbeat and the feeling of security.

Due to the body contact while carrying a baby the so called mother-child bonding is established. Restless children calm down and parents know intuitively the needs of their child, e.g. a fresh nappy, sleep or something to eat. Another positive fact is, that your child gets a part of your everyday life.

Carrying offers flexibility

About baby wearing

There aren`t only advantages for your child in carrying but also for parents. Parents get more flexible if they carry their offspring. They are more flexible in their everyday life: shopping, doing the homework, keeping an appointment, or having a romantic dinner – all this is possible with a child inside a baby wrap or baby carrier in contrast to a stroller. Stairs and landings, sometimes insuperable for a stroller, can be surmounted easily.

Nevertheless, carrying a baby faded into the background for a long time. During the 18th and 19th century babies were breastfeeded by wet nurses, nannies were responsible for the education of children and babies weren`t carried any longer but a stroller was used – fare away from the caregiver mother or father.

If parents want to carry their children many questions appear today:

  • From when may I carry my baby?
  • Are there any health risks?
  • What do I have to pay attention to while carrying my baby with a baby wrap?
  • Which wrap or baby carrier should I use for baby wearing?
  • Where can I find an instruction for baby wearing?
  • How long can I carry my child in a wrap or a baby carrier?

Carrying is healthy

If you ask if there are health risks for a baby to be carried we can give you reassuring answer: No. There are no health risks for baby wearing but conversely: Baby wearing supports the healthy development of the baby`s spine. There is only one important fact: Pay attention to the wrapping instruction and the recommended ergonomical spread-squat-position. You get more information under the human being – a parent-clinger and carrying is healthy.

There isn`t ONE correct way to carry a child but due to the claims and needs of parents to baby wraps and carriers there are several ways to use one of them. Test several different wraps or baby carriers or visit a carrying consultant with an individual consulting service to find the fitting one for you and your baby. Here is a list of carrying consultants in your local area.