About Carrying

Humans are social beings who can only survive through the contact with other people. This is particularly true for newborns, infants and young children. They need a strong and intimate bond with their parents. If they are alone, they feel insecure and get scared. Crying is often the only way for them to draw attention. This manner is attributable to a former period as humans wandered about in groups. Lying alone on their back means immediate danger .

This is counteracted by babywearing. Through the body contact and movement while carrying in a baby carrier or a sling, a unique connection is created. The child can easily calm down and parents commonly know by intuition what their child needs. In addition, the child will also be a part of everyday life. If your baby gets overstimulated, it can relax by lying his head on parents breast and close its eyes.


Babywearing in a sling creates an intimate bond and provides a high flexibility.

Babywearing has not just advantages for your child, parents also profit of it. They will obtain a high degree of flexibility and are able to do their daily lives as they want. Go shopping, do the housework, prepare food - all of that is quite easily accomplished while wearing your child in a baby carrier or a sling. Stairs and landings, which are an obstacle with a stroller, can be easily overcome.

But for a long time babywearing took a backseat in our society and was almost forgotten. Children were breastfed by wet nurses, nannies took over the education and took the baby for a walk, far away from their caregivers.

If parents or parents-to-be want to carry their baby with them nowadays, there are often a lot of questions: From which time on can I carry my baby? Are there any health effects? What must be considered while carrying in a baby wrap? Which baby wrap or carrier is suitable for my child? Where can I find wrapping instructions for slings? How long can I carry my child?

Babywearing in a sling is healthy

To address the issue of the health effects: For a healthy infant or toddler there are no risks at all - on the contrary, babywearing promotes the healthy development of your child's spine . It is only important to follow the wrapping instructions and that you always tie your baby in the spread-squat position into the sling or baby carrier. More informations for interested parties can be found under the heading of 'the human being - a tragling' and 'babywearing is healthy'.

Whereas all parents have different needs and requirements on baby slings and baby carriers, there are various possibilities to wrap your child. To spot which baby wrap will be just the thing for you and your child, you will have to trial. But you can also take use of a professional carrying consultant. A carrying consultant will expound the different types of baby carriers and baby wraps, the pros and cons of babywearing and you will have the possibility to try out which system offers the most benefits for you . Here you will find addresses of babywearing consultants nearby you.