Wearing is Healthy


At birth, your baby , your child's spine is not yet in the double S- shape, but your baby's back, as well as in the womb , round.

The muscles are after birth too weak to support the back and the spinal discs do not fulfill their function. Therefore, it is very important that your child's back may fall into a circular position again and again.

The process of stretching your child's spine is done in three sections, from top to bottom and is completed around the age of one year : If your child raise his head by itself , keep turning etc. and can rotate in the supine position , is the first section , the stretching of the seven cervical vertebrae , complete. Then begins

Your baby so that the flexor and extensor muscles to strengthen . Can your child sit alone free, so is the stretching of the thoracic vertebrae , so the second section completed. In the third section now follows the stretching of the five lumbar vertebrae . Can your child walk alone , so the formation of the spine is complete.

For your child's back can develop healthy, it is important that you support your child especially when worn and lying.

Therefore, select always from a baby carrier or sling , which allows the healthy round back shape. Can your child be involved in the squat legs apart, in the carrying aid and tilts the pelvis slightly forward , so is that . So the delicate vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs of your child are protected and relieved.
Sits or your child hangs in the baby carrier or even to look ahead , a baby carrier is more harmful . The back can be so very easy to fall into a very harmful hollow back position.

For the necessary support while sleeping and lying a baby hammock as the NONOMO« Spring cradle provides . It adapts to the natural position of your baby and to allow for a back.

To relieve rump , back of the head and hip, also always make sure that the weight of the body is distributed over the entire body.