To carry or not to carry - that is the question

Do you know what that's like, too? I was happily pregnant with my first daughter, and had already been bombarded with a thousand and one tips and suggestions. And, of course, even more questions. "What crib will you use?", "Are you going to nurse?" or "Will you carry?" Pardon? Of course I will “carry” my newborn baby, because the baby can't walk yet. Did I mention that that was the first time I was pregnant?

I admit: this naive answer led to a shake of the head or two. So I decided to enlighten myself. And I became aware of what's behind the concept of "carrying". I learned that this isn't merely about practical aspects, but also elementary, key moments like commitment and responsibility. And actually, this newfound consciousness had an effect on me. Who wants to jeopardize their good mother-child relationship?

Fun aside, the topic became increasingly important to me. Basically, I was most convinced by the prospect of this absolute closeness, this special intimacy with my child. Because that was exactly what I longed for every moment of my pregnancy: to feel my baby very close to me. And if wearing a sling or wrap can help me to pro-long this feeling, then count me in. But then there were another thousand and one questions, all revolving around:

Which sling is best?

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