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Getting ready for summer

We can finally see the sun in the sky more often and feel its pleasant warmth on our skin. Summer is a joy! However, it can quickly change from...


Top Babywearing Fashion Tips has looked into babywearing and fashion for us. Here’s their top tips how to dress with a wrap or babycarrier...


Ergonomic Carrying

From when on can my baby be carried on the back? And what role does the spread-squat-position play?


Babywearing and clothing

Too warm? Too cold? What should my baby wear when being carried? The current temperatures give reason to talk about clothing while carrying your baby.


German Design Award for FlyClick

Functional, stylish and comfortable for parents and baby. Fidella FlyClick sets standards and has now been awarded the GDA 2020 for excellent...


Family, Travel & Adventure

Meet Bruno, Claudia and their daugther Lexi and take part of their travels - Babywearing is the key to adventures 


Anne the Mawiba trainer

Instagram-Account @mawib_anne View now I'm Anne, Mama and I am a Mawiba trainer since 4 months. I started dancing...