Hanna Hansen, Kickboxing World Champion

Hanna Hansen 5-time German Kickboxing Champion & World Champion

Hello, my name is Hanna Hansen, I am 35 years old, mother of 2, Djane and world champion in kickboxing. Sport is my profession, but above all it's my passion.

Just like the music is. As a DJ I have been playing all over the world for over 15 years. From Miami, Toronto & Ibiza to the biggest festivals in Germany, such as the Love Parade - My absolute dream.

I always give everything as a sports coach at home in our studio in Cologne, the Cologne Kickboxers, to bring every single student forward. Whether only for fitness, or to stand in the ring. I also train the youth sport talents and prepare them for upcoming fights. I am always there with full eagerness. A downtime is no option for me and it has never been.

But when I became a mother for the first time, 7 1/2 years ago, an even bigger dream has come true for me. Finally to be a mummy myself. There is nothing more beautiful than to have own children. My daughter Maxime Penelope was born. This was the very single moment where my world was holding its breath. My life became a different one - and yet it's somehow still the same.

But the way back to training was not easy for me. After a difficult birth I had to fight a lot to get fit again. But the hard training and the discipline should pay off and so I became more successful and won more and more kickboxing fights. I became several times "German Champion" and later I even won the "World Champion" title. In the summer of 2018 I was on the cover of the newspaper magazine "Women's Health" - What an honour for me, it was incredibly cool! As a DJ I was still on the road and celebrated with the people to my music. But every free minute I was at home I spent it with my sweet daughter.

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My family is my absolute resting place. Here I can recharge my batteries and continue working with full power. Then at the end of 2018 I was pregnant again. Lucky us - we were so happy! Actually I had a really upcoming big fight. We were training like crazy for it, but yeah - That wasn't so important anymore.

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So from this point on I put my professional career as a kickboxer "on ice" and dedicated to being a coach in the first place. At the beginning of 2019 I was awarded for the "Made for More" Award in the category "multi-talent" although I had this sudden break because of my pregnance. As a recognition for my previous successes in music and sport, but also as a appreciation that I am able to combine "being a mother" with all of that. Honored as an ambassador of strong women I felt like it's the right moment to announce my second pregnancy.

My second daughter Juna Alana is 10 weeks old now. Slowly I get back into training. It's not that easy to lump everybody together as a mother of 2. Since the birth I have also discovered the babywearing for me. After the first birth was so difficult, I come back more easily this time. I am sure that the decision to carry my daughter a huge benefit not only to her.

I like to wear a self-tied wrap - who would have thought that - until recently I wouldn't have believed how easy it is to tie a babywrap - but it is! However, I also like to switch between a sling and a carrier and I am very happy with my "Halfbuckle" from Fidella. Especially because it is a combination of a sling and a "Carry-Bag" actually. My sporty and sometimes hectic everyday life feels so "easy" now. To be honest, I can't imagine anything else. The point is: Everything is possible.

To have both hands free for my bigger daughter or to do sports while I carry the little Juna is just amazing. Having the little one so close to me - that's good for all of us. 3 weeks ago I started my regression. Slowly but steadily and with consideration for my body I "fight" myself back into my sporty life. Since I am not yet allowed to go jogging (I definitely want to give my body the time to regenerate healthy) I go walking instead - with my baby in the Fidella. Time together, fresh air and some sport for me. And carrying my baby’s weight has an extra training effect for me, that's perfect in combination.

I'm just one example of a #workingmom and I'm honored to be able to tell you guys a little bit about myself - thanks for that. But every single one of us is a heroine. I have so much respect for every mom out there. You guys are insane!

I myself have had a lot of setbacks in my life, like everyone probably somehow, but telling all this here would certainly go beyond the scope. If you want to know more about me just visit my website.

But the fact is every single mom who manages to reconcile things like career, sport, family and household in her life is a freaking "superwoman"!

We give everything - 24 hours a day. We love our children and would do anything for them. In the end that's all that matters.

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