Fidella babywrap -Feline -almond-

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Babywrap and Slings


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Fidella Feline - our very first babywrap with wool just arrived!

Like all our babywraps it is cozy and soft and has a surface weight of 230g/m². With 50 % wool it is a little thicker than our other wraps, that are made of 100 % cotton.

It is woven in the colors of white, taupe and black as Tri-Weave-Double-Layer, which creates small air chambers within the fabric layers. This helps to save the body heat and so Feline becomes the essential companion for the winter season.

But even in summer wool is temperature-balancing and will bring you a lot of joy, too.

This new pattern got inspired by the proud and elegant cats from our world´s metropolises that secretly take over the leadership of Paris, London and Budapest at night. In dimmed light of lanterns they stroll over roofs and bridges and vanish in the foggy dawn as quiet as they came.

Feline comes with 80 cm width to make it comfortable to sit for older kids. The softness of the wrap makes it also usable for newborns from the very first day.

And of course this beauty will arrive in a matching bag made of the same fabric!

Variantenübergreifende Merkmale:
Age of the child: suitable from birth
Width of the babywrap: doll wrap - 40 cm extra wide: 80 cm
Design: Feline
collection: standard
Care instructions: do not tumble dry handwash dry flat
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
quality: 2nd choice
surface weight: surface weight 230 g/sqm
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -triweave- jacquard weaving -double layer-
Product type: Wrap
Length of babywrap: doll wrap - 300 cm size 4 - 360 cm/141 inches size 5 - 420 cm/165 inches size 6 - 460 cm/180 inches size 7 - 520 cm/205 inches
Colour: brown beige
blend: with 50 % organic cotton with 50% organic wool


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